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Yeasted Oat Pancakes

Oat Pancakes

After weeks and weeks of waiting, this morning my magnolia finally decided to blossom. For the last years it always showed the first bloom in my garden. This time it had built the buds at the end of February as usual, but then nothing happened any more. The forsythia started to be abloom, the lilac followed, the magnolias in the neighbour gardens started withering already, but still the buds of mine didn´t develop any further. Finally I supposed it would skip the blossom, maybe because I cut it down this year for the first time. To my surprise, as I opened the shutter this morning it was in full blow.

Since we had pretty mild temperatures today I decided to have this year´s first breakfast in the garden and enjoy the view of the magnolia. Suited to the somewhat special occasion I indulged myself with one of my all time favourites: quick and easy oat yeast pancakes.

Oat Pancakes

serves 2


125 g oats, ground in a food processor or coarse oatmeal

100 g wholemeal flour

500 ml warm water

2,5 g yeast

4 g salt

1 tbsp honey or sugar, if vegan


1. Whisk everything together until smooth, the batter will thicken a bit and should have the consistence of double cream.

2. Cover, leave for 1 – 1,5 hours until batter bubbly and frothy

3. Give the batter a good whisk and bake the pancakes, the surface should become crispy and golden brown and show a lot of wholes.

4. Enjoy hot with maple syrup, bacon, a knob of butter,  jam or whatever addition you fancy with your pancakes.

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