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Love Like Salt – Raw sesame seed and orange dressing

Raw Sesame Seeds and Orange Dressing


Do you know the Fairy Tale about the king and his three daughters? He asked them to express how much they loved him. The first compared her love with the joy of ruling a kingdom, the second told him, he was as precious to her as her jewels. The third one, the only one who loved him deeply, answered: “Father, I love you more than salt.” He didn´t understand her comparison at all and banished her from his kingdom. But in the end he tasted a meal cooked without any salt and found it inedible. Everything tasted blunt. He forgave his daughter and they lived happily ever after.

I understand the princess, I love salt, most of all the flaky Maddon Sea Salt, which smiles at me everytime I open my cupboard. In my opinion there is no dish which couldn´t be enhanced by a good pinch. Unfortunately my detox diet doesn´t allow ANY salt. The hunger is not that bad, I have surprisingly few cravings, but I so deeply miss the salt.

I´m still not feeling better after the first two days, but I didn´t really expect an effect this early. The pounds are melting like I wish the snow would. Three pounds in two days, that´s quite a lot. I´m holding on and hopefully habit will kick in and I won´t miss the salt so much.

The dressing I had today with the black bean & orange salad was surprisingly delicious and would have been gorgeous with a pinch of salt. It was the tastiest dish I had for the last days. Actually, it was so good, I saved some tablespoons and had them for desert. I will definitely make this dressing again after the diet. With a pinch of salt, of course, and I´ll double the amounts.  I think, it would be nice as a dip, too.

Raw sesame seed and orange dressing:

2 tbsp. raw sesame seeds

juice of 1 small orange

Put it in a blender and mix until it´s a creamy paste.

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  1. Neely

    February 22, 2010 at 03:14

    This sounds like a great dressing. I am craving those crisp red bell peppers and the dressing, sounds like a good combo!

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