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Starter with a pinch of yeast

On day 4 the starter with a pinch of yeast à la Marc Bittman smells nice and fruity, shows a lot of activity and rises considerably a few hours after […] Continue reading →


On the third day the starter with a pinch of yeast (picture above) shows some activity and a tiny bit of a nice, fruity smell. The purely water and rye flour paste still smells quite unpleasant – but not as much as yesterday – with an underlying hint of acidity and looks like this:   […] Continue reading →


Years and years I shrank from keeping my own sourdough starter, let alone build one from scratch. All this bacteria stuff  seemed somewhat sinister to me. But over the last months fermented food attracted my attention more and more. I learned about its massive health benefits. Fermentation not only helps to preserve food but also increases the nutrients available for your […] Continue reading →

Chickpea Flatbread

Sunday morning, the smell of bread baking in the oven, a cup of coffee … What can be better? Unfortunately I always wake up hungry and very rarely I´m patient enough for baking bread before breakfast. But some weeks ago I found a recipe for chickpea flatbread on the internet. I tried it the same day and I loved it. Because I wanted an egg and grain free variation I´ve experimented with different ingredients until I found the perfect formula for a light and fluffy vegan, gluten free bread. Since then I´ve been baking it all the time. Just stir […] Continue reading →

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